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event photography & videography

Our company specializes in the event industry, with a focus on exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences.


Operating globally, our team is equipped to provide event photography and

event videography services as described below.

Your image in Focus


Our dedicated photographers expertly capture the essence of your brand, products, business interactions, by creating stunning visuals.

We provide on-site photo editing services, as well as a post-show full photo selection album.

Crowds in Motion

We capture all  aspects of the exhibition according to the given brief, creating a dynamic wrap-up highlights video by the end of the day.

Our thorough planning and strong team communication ensure a smooth workflow and delivery of all requirements.

Cutting to the Essence

We create daily

end-of-day wrap-up videos, pre-show teaser videos, post-show highlights, stock footage, voice-over narration and more.

We work closely with our clients to ensure each video is perfectly aligning with their vision.

REC-ing till the End


We provide full conference recording services, utilizing multiple cameras to capture the entire session and each speaker.


Our skilled editors then expertly craft separate videos during post-production for a polished final product.

Accelerating the Time

By utilizing

time-lapse and hyper-lapse cinematography techniques, we can present the grandeur and vitality of the exhibition in a truly unique and unparalleled way.



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